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~ WORD ON THE WIRE ~Don't take our word for it.... Read what our clients are saying about us! 

"When I think of Lagena Smith, the first words that come to mind are passion and tenacity among many other wonderful attributes.  Lagena Smith has been a dedicated and inspiring Mentor (Volunteer) of the Family Self-Sufficiency Mentoring Project since 2001.  During that time, Lagena successfully assisted two struggling, low-income mothers through the 5-year Self-Sufficiency Program.  With Lagena’s support, these women were able to improve their education, their employment skills and reach goals that they may have thought were unattainable.  Currently, Lagena is working with three families (the requirement as a Mentor is only one!) each with varying concerns and problems.  Lagena takes on these challenges with spirit, compassion, integrity, and pride.  In addition to her mentoring work, Lagena has facilitated workshops through the HOC Employment Initiative Program, and has advocated on Capitol Hill with other HOC staff and residents for continued funding and support services for the Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Lagena has her own success story and takes every opportunity she can to reach back and lend her heart and hand to raise up other individuals.  It is a joy and pleasure as the Mentor Director to be able to rely on and work with Lagena Smith."
~Raquel J. Mitchell, MSW, Director
Family Self-Sufficiency Volunteer Mentor Project Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County, MD
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"Lagena has helped my firm for many years, and I can always count on her to work independently, creatively, and within time/budget constraints.  She has the skills to meet any challenge I send her way.  It's been my pleasure to work with Lagena for more than a decade in a wide variety of assignments."
~Marcia Silcox Principal, SILCOX COMMUNICATION, LLC 
"Lagena has been a good and trusted partner to Laisar for the past year. I have been impressed with every facet of her work from analysis, to implementation. She has specifically provided services to Laisar in the areas of bookkeeping and administrative support. Lagena's work is always thorough and easily understood by everyone on the team.  The depth of her talents never ceases to amaze me and I can count on her support in areas of bookkeeping, advanced Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint, as well as for editing.  Any company that partners with Lagena is getting a true gem and their organization will be the better because of her experience."
~Florence Amate, President, LAISAR Management Group 
"Lagena provided research and paralegal services, assisting me in business contract litigation.  Her work was extremely responsive and professional and focused squarely on the tasks as requested, taking helpful initiative." 
~Marc Goodman 

"Nothing but impressive.  I asked Lagena to create and design business cards for my non-profit company in 24 hours.  Not only was the style very distinctive, the creativity she used was absolutely what I wanted, from the backdrop to the color scheme.  Excellent customer service, excellent rates, and top quality.  Because she did an extraordinary job, I referred L & S Business Services to other professionals for business cards and other services.  Thank you Lagena, job well done!"
~Debra S. (M.E.L.S. Place), Clinton, MD 

"I needed some 'silk' business cards designed and L & S Business Services came highly recommended to me.  I appreciated Lagena's attention to detail, her creative visions for the design and her willingness to work with the strict deadline that I was on.  She handled the logistics with the print company, the cards came out great and I got them with time to spare. It's nice to know I have her when I need another project."
~Adam Helfer, President, Omkara World, www.Namaste-Message-A-Day.com  

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