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Workforce Development 

We are seeking to partner with community agencies, foundations or non-profits who provide community service programs through federal, state, or local grants.  We can assist in implementing mentoring and various training programs, re-entry programs, supportive housing and transition-related services. 

One of our goals is to form strategic alliances so that we can augment existing programs and services that will address some of the following issues:  1) employment barriers; 2) ex-offender re-entry; 3) education and academic strengthening, e.g., decrease the rate of high school drop-outs and increase graduation rates; and 4) community outreach programs and services.

REMEMBER:  We provide training and outreach services
"after normal business hours", including Saturdays and/or Sundays.

MISSION is POSSIBLE!  We offer behind-the-scenes, back office talent and support services to businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, businesses and community organizations who are just as dedicated and committed to implementing initiatives afforded by the American Recovery Reinvestment Act of 2009 as we are. 

Our Philosophy

L & S Business Services' philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:

Honesty:  We practice a transparent business model.  We strive for long-term business relationships and partnerships that desire to attain their companies goals and objectives.

Reliability:  We exceed our promises.  We do not take our commitment to excellence lightly.  

Quality:  Quality is the foundation of L & S Business Services.  We use advanced skills, tools, and techniques to ensure we deliver strong solutions and resolutions.

Vision:  We proudly share in the belief that achievement is directly proportional to enthusiasm, and that greatness will never manifest until it is first perceived.  We are passionate and committed to improving the community, one person or one business at a time!

No matter what the hour or situation, help is just a phone call away - Call today
(301) 367-1337!

Our Clients 

Our services have proven valuable to a variety of businesses and non-profits in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC areas.  Located in Silver Spring, MD, outlined below are examples of projects we have completed:  

Document Preparation and Reproduction Services

On behalf of a client who worked for a pharmaceutical company, we provided document preparation and copying services.  Specifically, we compiled and incorporated information obtained from various sources, e.g., subcontractors and outside experts so that new drug applications could be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration.  This required creating customized tabs, bates numbering, incorporating and inserting styles and headers,figures, charts, graphs, and data for over 2,000 pages. 

Word Processing and Database Management

On behalf of a client who provided consulting services to the alcohol and beverage industry, we provided multimedia services.  Specifically, we created attention grabbing PowerPoint presentations, created mailing lists, and provided ad hoc administrative tasks as needed, including database management services, which included scanning documents and uploading them into a shared database.  We also prepared expert witness and testimony notebooks for litigation-related services.    

Transcription Services 

For a non-profit organization, we provided transcription services of a conference.  We transcribed audio tapes of various conferences that had more than five different speakers.  We creatively distinguished all five speakers.

Legal Research

For several solo attorney's, we provided legal research services using Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw.  We assisted with e-filing, composed motions, created witness and trial notebooks, typed responsive pleadings, created Table of Contents and Authorities and other ad hoc legal-related tasks.  

Life Skills Training and Mentoring Services

For a DC non-profit organization, we created, designed, and facilitated a life skills training curriculum for transitional aged youth (16 to 22 years of age).  In addition, we created and implemented a mentoring program.

Grant Research and Writing

For a local non-profit organization, we researched grant opportunities and provided grant writing services.  

Website Design and Maintenance

For several clients, we created and designed company websites.  We also provided maintenance and updates on a monthly basis.  

Accounting/Bookkeeping Services

For a Silver Spring, Maryland management company, we provided monthly bookkeeping, accounting, and administrative tasks. 

Customers have have unique, customized, or specialized needs.  We can accommodate YOUR business needs.  What can we help you with?  Give us a call at (301) 367-1337 or send an e-mail to

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